About Emily

Some lawyers are great at talking to juries; others are great at making legal arguments. My career as an attorney was based on great listening. As a criminal prosecutor for close to fifteen years, I listened to victims and witnesses so they could speak the truth, even when they feared testifying. Later, as general counsel, I listened carefully to foster good decisions and outcomes that served the public interest as well as the individuals involved.

Listening also brought me to mediation. With other parents, I created an alternative school that to this day serves well over a hundred Vermont families each year. As chair of its Board of Directors, I experienced mediation for the first time and learned the value of listening to create harmonious results. For over ten years in my own company, I have mediated hundreds of cases, coached individuals all over the world, and have offered training on the local, national, and international level. My clients have included couples, families, employers, employees, partners, businesses, utilities, government agencies, non-profits neighbors, and faith communities.

Empathy is a cornerstone of my work. I have also found great value in the recent research in neurobiology and the insights this discipline can offer for successful negotiation, team work, and dispute resolution. I have found equally valuable resources in the wisdom traditions that include meditation and circle processes. I train mediators in Rwanda and my work has been influenced by this cross — cultural experience.

I am a mediator with the Vermont Family Court Mediation Program, The Office of Civil Rights of the Office of Attorney General of Vermont, the Vermont Agency of Education, Special Education Mediation Program, The Vermont Environmental Court, and The Vermont Agricultural Mediation Program. I chair the Vermont Dispute Resolution Section of the Vermont Bar Association. For more than a decade, I have been an Assistance Panel Member of the Vermont Board of Professional Responsibility. I am a past chair of the Spirituality Section of the Association for Conflict Resolution and a founding member of Mediators Beyond Borders and founder of the Rwanda Team of that organization.

Mostly, what you need to know about me is how honored I would be to have the opportunity to work with you.