Why Divorce Coaching?

All aspects of life are impacted by divorce. Your family, finances, friendships, community, residence and even your work are all affected. The future of you and your family are changed by the legal aspect of divorce. You may work with attorneys, a mediator, accountant, financial planner, therapists, a pastor. Your friends will offer “expert” advice. Suddenly you are in a complex life transition when you’re least able to cope with it all. As your divorce coach, I am here to support you for the task of managing all facets of this transition. Knowledgeably, responsibly, creatively, compassionately.

When Do I Need a Coach?

Before Divorce:

You may not be sure you want a divorce. You may be considering a trial separation. A divorce coach will help you find the path and negotiate well for what is right for you and your family. Then there’s the question of whether to hire an attorney, a mediator, a team of collaborative lawyers, or to try it on your own. As your divorce coach, I can help you make the best decision for your circumstances.

During the Divorce Process:

As your coach, I do not offer legal advice; I support you through all you are facing. This includes setting goals, negotiating for them, finding resources, making decisions, and taking care of yourself as you go through these processes. It may be that you need help communicating with your spouse, or your children or family, and I can help you learn the skills to get results and bring peace at the same time.

After Divorce:

In many ways, after divorce is when the real work of creating a new, better and healthier life for you and your children begins. If you haven’t yet learned the new skills that are key to creating a new life, this is the time. And it takes time, intention, and support. As your coach, I give you the compassionate attention that you need and teach you the skills and practices that will transform your life into the better life that you hoped divorce would bring to you and the people you love.