The decision whether to separate has many moving parts. Couples that separate well, often find that they return to a stronger marriage. Those who move on to divorce find that the divorce proceeds more smoothly if there has been a well-planned separation. As a mediator or coach, I'll help you sort out the issues and help you to make your own decisions according to all your priorities, even if you feel torn in different directions. You'll learn the communication and self — care skills that will get you thought the tough conversations with each other, with family, and with yourself.


Divorce is a legal process and it's so much more than that. It impacts virtually every dimension of your life, so you will find yourself with many decisions that need to be made and many difficult conversations to have. Both mediation and coaching are designed to keep you in the driver's seat, with the right support in place so that you can navigate all that lies ahead.


Relationships between parents and the next generation shift over time and when they do, new skills are needed. See if these typical issues sound familiar:

  • Whether to be honest or keep the peace
  • Whether to foster independence or ensure safety
  • Whether to focus on understanding or accountability

The list goes on, right? Fortunately, many tensions that come up in families can benefit from mediation or coaching. Mediation can get you through the tough spots to create safe and considerate outcomes. Coaching gives you the skills to work though the ever present ups and downs more skillfully, honestly, and gently.

Adult Siblings

As families grow, they become more complex and relationships among adult siblings involve more issues. Spouses, children, vacation home responsibilities, elder care, family business issues, and inheritance issues can put relationships among adult siblings to the test. You may need to have a tough conversation, need to make a difficult decision, or want support for calling a family meeting. As your Resolution Consultant, I'll help you find your way back to the good stuff in family life while taking care of business responsibly.

Elder Care

The transitions that aging requires present many challenges and opportunities for families. As your Resolution Consultant, my job is to help you find solutions to the challenges of safety, care, independence and respect while helping you seize opportunities for intimacy, love and freedom. This could involve supporting the family in inclusive, consensus - based decision making. It could involve learning to negotiate though tough times so you all can face reality and find compassionate solutions. Times change, as does the conversation, so get the support you need.

Family Business

Family businesses are precious and when done well, are worth all the effort involved. To thrive, businesses must grow and change. When it’s all in the family, it can be that much more difficult, but also that much more worthwhile. Managing expectations, making tough decisions, finding consensus, separations and dissolutions are just some of the issues that all family businesses may find themselves facing. As your Resolution Consultant, I’ll offer tools, frameworks, and processes so that you can move through the transitions and harvest the rewards.


The decisions and conversations around legacy and inheritance can be gratifying but also extremely challenging. Issues of privacy, uncertainty, relationship and meaning can obscure the path for the legacy generation and the generations that follow. You may be wondering what your offspring really want, and not know how to find out. You may be wondering what will happen in your family and want to find a way to make plans without being offensive. As your resolution consultant I’ll offer an array of options that will help you move forward with clarity, sensitivity, respect, practicality and love.