Adult Family/Elder

The aging process brings its own brand of stresses to families. As abilities in one generation shift, so do responsibilities and relationships in the next generations. Families sometimes find that they need support for finding solutions, making decisions, and moving things forward in ways that preserve dignity, fairness, safety and relationship. Mediation can help.

How can it help?

Adult Family or Elder Mediation frequently will address a combination of some of these issues:

  • What to do with primary and vacation homes
  • Safety issues associated with driving and living alone
  • How to share financial and care giving responsibilities
  • How to honor and give voice to elder concerns
  • Resolving tensions within blended families
  • How to create better communication and understanding among busy siblings
  • Inheritance and other trust and estate matters

How does it work?

Typically I am contacted by one member of the family for a consultation on whether mediation is the right choice. Once the family member makes the decision to move forward with a family mediation intake process, I will contact the other family members for a pre-mediation interview. The pre-mediation process will determine the time and location of the mediation, as well as who will participate and the topics to be addressed. The pre-mediation and mediation process are charged on an hourly basis.

To Get Started:

Contact me to schedule an initial, complimentary consultation to determine whether adult family mediation is the right choice for your family.