Mediating your divorce can save money, time and pain. You know your life better than any judge or magistrate, and mediation is an alternative to court that allows you to have input into the issues decided in divorce and create a blueprint for your future. Mediation will help you identify the issues that need to be addressed, guide you to communicate productively, and support you in making wise, informed decisions.


There are benefits to mediating, before, during and after divorce.

  • Before: Couples that mediate before filing for divorce often find that the legal process moves more swiftly and economically.
  • During: It is not uncommon to mediate during divorce proceedings whether or not you are represented by attorneys.
  • After: Mediation can help align your agreement with your new life and the best interests of your children as they grow up.

What to Expect

First, you'll fill out a confidential mediation intake form and have a pre-mediation intake conversation with me. Your spouse will do the same. Mediation is confidential from your very first contact with me. Generally, I mediate in my office in Montpelier; however I also travel, when necessary, and have worked by phone or online when that is the best option. I will provide you with a written summary of your agreements that you create in mediation. If you are proceeding without an attorney, I can provide you with the forms you may need.


I charge on an hourly basis. Payment is by check at the conclusion of each mediation session; you and your spouse will need to agree about how the cost of mediation will be borne between you. I participate in the Vermont Family Court Mediation Program, which means you may be entitled to mediation at a very low hourly rate, if you are a low income Vermonter.