Workplace bullying involves more than just offensive behavior; it can grind any enterprise to a halt. When people experience sarcasm, personal attack, marginalization and threats on a regular basis their capacity and contribution are crippled. This has consequences for both personal and organizational health. No problem can be solved without understanding how it began and what holds it in place. Leave that to me so you can choose the most effective way to restore balance, cooperation, respect and vitality to your working environment.


Harassment has both legal consequences and costs for the human dimension of the workplace. A culture of silence may allow issues of harassment to fester for way to long. You may need me to conduct an investigation, coach a manager or employee or mediate an outcome that allows everyone to move forward.


Performance drives outcomes and can hold them hostage. What questions can you ask an employee with poor performance to jumpstart clarity, motivation and accountability? When is it a communication issue or a structural problem? Who owns the problem - the manager or direct report? Together, we’ll find the questions and answers that support everyone to do their best work.


Are there divisive factions within your Board of Directors? Has gossip or apathy brought things to a dead end? Perhaps the tensions have strangled the relationship with the Executive Director so that lines of communication and responsibility are blurred. This is a good time for a consultation. These are familiar patterns that cause conflict and for which good solutions are available quickly as soon as you reach out.


Diversity and specialization strengthen teams so long as good connections integrate everyone’s contributions. Understanding difference in thinking and performance style can help those connections hold everything together. Contact me for a consultation and we’ll figure out whether your team needs training, coaching or other supports for maximizing the benefit of having a team of high functioning individuals working together.