Why a Resolution Consultant?

Emily J. Gould

Emily J. Gould

You need to get through to someone, and nothing has worked so far. You need a breakthrough, and don't know where to turn. That's when you call me, a Resolution Consultant. Whether the conflict or transition is in your family, workplace, or has brought you to court, I’ll draw on my 30 years’ experience as a lawyer, mediator, coach and trainer to find the right intervention. A solution that will bring you relief and will let you move forward. Whether it’s mediation, coaching or training that I provide, it will be customized to be effective for your circumstances.

The Rewards

That’s not all. Inside every dispute there is a benefit hidden in the conflict. It may not be what you expected or ever thought you wanted, but it is something that has value. I want that for you, and when we’re done, you’ll know what it is. It will be part of you. That’s the benefit of working with a Resolution Consultant. Knowledgeable, caring, creative and persistent. Just the thing when you’re stuck in a conflict or facing a major transition. Whatever the prize, I’ll help you claim it.