WelcomeEmily J. Gould

My passion is working with individuals and organizations who are looking to resolve conflicts, find solutions and enhance their leadership as they move forward.

Before we meet you will no doubt have questions about me and my services. My expertise, as highlighted in this website is intended to provide you with top line information about my background and scope of practice. This is the best place to get started but don’t let your visit to my website be a substitute for a conversation.

Whether it’s through consulting, mediation, coaching or training, my services are customized to every situation and circumstance. That’s not all. My experience tells me that inside every issue there are always hidden insights and solutions waiting to be discovered. They may not be what you expected but there is always value there waiting to be brought to light. Working together, you will make important discoveries, find solutions and develop the skills to make them stick.

I welcome an opportunity to speak with you, so please connect with me by clicking through to my contact page to set up an initial consultation.